Download Our iPhone/iPad App

Have you ever been driving through a neighborhood and stumbled upon what you think might be your dream house!  But is it in your price range and does it really have the features you want?  

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to get instant access to pricing, photos and detailed property information without having to track down the listing agent?

Enter our new MOBILE APP...

Download the app to iTunes from your computer, iPad or iPhone and enter the code 3396 to activate, and you'll have instant access to  listing information at your fingertips.

Our mobile platform works off GPS so simply refresh your location (using the lower left icon shown on the phone at left) and like magic the map will zoom to your current location and display homes for sale in the immediate neighborhood.  Or just scroll to any neighborhood in St. Louis, click on "refresh map" (in the upper right) and it will display the current homes for sale.

It's that simple!

No need to thank's just Live Local Real Estate Group's way of making your life easier.

We are a modern, mobile, high-tech, Mac brokerage and our goal is to make the real estate process more convienent for our buyers and sellers.