Live Local - A Different Kind of Real Estate Brokerage

Every business that I admire has taken advantage of opportunities to lower overhead, simplify the process for customers and increase overall efficiency. That time has come for real estate!

For those who do not know me well you will soon discover that I am outspoken but witty, honest but blunt, and a total marketing technology geek.  My education is in marketing/branding and after 15 years with a large franchise real estate company I was looking for something more quaint and charming, yet cutting edge and geared toward the customers I serve.

Today the larger brokers are focused on numbers and they are forgetting about the customer.  Their entire approach is “big box, no standards, and any warm body will do.”  The public deserves a more professional approach — a brokerage that houses only the most professional agents with superior knowledge of the markets they serve.

Enter…Live Local Real Estate Group, where real estate is about the local communities where we live and love.  Our Mission — to deliver a superior search experience and paperless technology solution to clients whose needs are not being met by the part time or mass market brokerage approach.  Our focus is on building relationships in the local communities in which we serve and superior street knowledge of daily life in these same communities. 

Our primary geographic market is Central St. Louis County with an emphasis on the Webster Groves and Kirkwood school districts where we have operated as the "Webster Kirkwood Home Team" for over a decade.  (View our main site at

We are heavily committed to to our local community so "neighborhood expert" is not just a marketing ploy but rather a way of life.  We are also just as heavily committed to technology and are a Mac/Apple mobile brokerage with a small but quaint retail location across the street from Glendale City Hall.

Please stop in and visit us soon!

Gnger Fawcett - Principal Broker