Choosing A Neighborhood

The choice of neighborhood is an increasingly important factor in the home buying process.

Your lifestyle is as important as the ideal features that you are looking for in a prospective home, making it essential to not only have the details of a potential new home, but also the neighborhood in which it is located and where you may eventually live.

That’s one of the reasons you will frequently see us quote the phrase ”Where do you want to live?”throughout our marketing.

Considerations such as local schools, amenities, transportation, traffic, crime rates, weather, and the surrounding community are all key aspects of selecting the ideal home and location for you and your lifestyle.

Kirkwood gets top marks in every area! Known as one of the most walkable communities in St. Louis county you'll enjoy an active lifestyle with easy access to shops, restaurants and special events. Kirkwood City Hall and the Farmers Market are only blocks away and live bands are featured at Station Plaza throughout the summer

Kirkwood is known for its historic homes with wrap-around porches and century trees that create a truly unique and beautiful small town setting in the heart of the metro area.  So if you are looking for an active lifestyle, a strong sense of community, have a love of historic homes or strong family values then Kirkwood may be the perfect match.

For more information regarding Kirkwood and the neighborhoods surrounding this property, I am happy to give you a personal tour

In the meantime, here are some of the most popular links to Kirkwood services and events.

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